Monday, July 8, 2013

The Depths of Dominoes

In April, I got to visit with Tom and Lisa Seward  in Kadiolo, Mali West Africa.  Besides being lighthearted and fun people they have a ministry that is often times hard to express in words. They work at building relationships and anything from blackboards, errands, motor-scooters, and games of dominoes are options for entering into deep relationships with people to impact and change their lives. One of the most noticeable things about Tom and Lisa is how well they fit into this ministry. From their past life, experiences, to their mannerisms and just view on life allows for and aids them in building relationships. And yet they don't see themselves as special. They simply see themselves as willing to serve and use what they have where God has placed them. (See "Super Christians a.k.a Missionaries" for more on that subject.)
The challenge of making this short documentary was to explore how they do this and what it takes to experience the depths of these relationships, while presenting the subtle question of, "Why couldn't you?"

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  1. Great video that really high-lights God using people whose hearts are "fully committed to him" with eyes open to seeing the opportunities that God has put before them and using what they have to further the Kingdom. Thanks Drew!