Friday, April 11, 2014

To All I've Met and Left

Today, I've re-read the words of Paul in Phillipians Chapter 1. I was reminded of you. Our time together was short. At times you may have thought it was too long. Still in that short time we shared, you giving to me your insider perspective and I looking in from outside. You offered your insights and thoughts, and I offered mine. We shared meals and laughter and stories. We have shared pain and joy at news received from far away. The time was sweet but too short to share so much.

Today we are not together, and I find Pauls words reflect my own heart.

"How I long for you with the affection of Jesus Christ."
Strong words I know, yet true. I long to be re-united, to sit and listen to your stories, to share your favorite meal, to meet your neighbors, and again share life. I do not wish to go back, to return to the past. No, I long to be re-united after this time has passed to discover how you have grown and changed.

I've been back in the US for almost 6 weeks, as I write this, back in my "home." In that time I've reconnected to many people who like you, I've shared with and am now away from. "Home is where the heart is." But how can a home be spread all over the globe like my heart? How is being able to see these friends and family each time like a "homecoming?" That answer I think lies in Pauls words. He has left part of his heart with the Phillipian people and so he longs to come "home" to them. I too have left part of my heart with you. You, with your unique personality and life lessons, touched my heart and took some of it with you. 

And now, as I travel and re-connect with pieces of my heart again, I discover how those pieces have grown and changed. The pieces I've left across the globe do not sit idle while I am away. They are living so when I see them again they will not fit exactly as they did before. Even though they don't match as they once did, they will always be part of my heart. 

So it is with you. Even though it means my heart has become this almost Picasso like sculpture of mismatched and mis-proportionate pieces, I am glad pieces of my heart are with you. And I pray growing with you.

"And this is my Prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight."

Your Fellow Servant,