Wednesday, June 5, 2013

And I would walk 5000 miles...

This past month I got the opportunity to return to the US and participate with in my friend Stephens wedding. Knowing that I was going to be back in the states for this event, I planned extra time to visit friends and family. Over the course of three weeks, I traveled over 5000 miles not including the trip to and from Africa.

Starting in Louisville, KY, I visited with Stephen and Ashley (his bride to be) getting to know them as a couple. Next, I drove down to Columbia, SC to visit my sister's family. After a few days of wrestling and playing with my nieces and nephews I drove on to Charleston to see my parents new house. They moved this past year and it was fun to see them in their new environment. For the weekend, I jumped on a plane headed north to Chicago where I was able to see many friends and also attend my church. Being able to share a greeting with the church there reminded me how much I miss those people and how much it means to me to have them behind me praying for me and encouraging me along the way.

With the wedding fast approaching, I flew back to Charleston and then drove back up to Louisville where I helped Stephen and Ashley get all the last minute details in place. The wedding was perfect. The weather, which had been threatening rain, cleared out for the entire day. It was so good to be part of this important day for Stephen and Ashley and be able to serve them in a million little ways. 

After the craziness of the preceding two weeks, plus all the activities of preparing for a wedding, I needed a little R&R. So my brother and I went rock climbing and camping in Red River Gorge. Karena, the maid of honor from the wedding, also got to come along; and even though she had never been climbing before she did a great job. It was a great week of resting, breathing in God's nature, and relaxing.

As I look back, I am realizing God's grace to me in giving me exactly what I need when I need it. Being able to see friends and family who I hadn't seen in almost a year, restored me. Getting to serve Stephen and Ashley, refreshed me. Climbing and camping in the gorge, reminded me of God's creativity. This trip was a step away from my normal routine of travel, produce, edit, travel again; and in these weeks as crazy and busy as I was, God gave me new energy to dive back into this project and continue the work of telling these stories.

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