Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Eye Opening

After a few weeks back in the States, I've had the energy and time to think through the incredible experience that I had in Guinea. To put it simply the trip was "Eye Opening." The idea behind this preliminary trip was to test the idea behind the project. Could it really be done? Would it work? Could I shoot and produce using Guinea as a base. Would it be possible for me to live in that community?

The resounding answer throughout the trip was, "Yes, It's what I made you for." I've never felt more certain that I was created to tell stories in this way. I was continually struck by how well I fit into the work I was doing.  Experiences and skills that I really hadn't considered became useful and helpful to producing these stories. My personality allowed me to patiently wait for the right shot and quietly watch the story unfold.  I didn't feel like I was home or that Africa was were I belonged, my skin and the language barrier were constant reminders of that.  It was more a sense of being perfectly tuned to the purpose at hand.

My eyes were opened to God's ability to provide and prepare. I have been dreaming of telling stories in this way for so long. I've written often about how tiring it can be waiting for these dreams to become reality, but this trip was not one of those times. It wasn't part of any of my planning and worrying, but the trip couldn't have gone better. It encouraged my confidence that God has made me to tell these stories and is continuing to work out His plans to use me to tell His story.

These are a few of the images that God used to open my eyes to these truths.

Even now as I am going through the tedious task of editing hours worth of footage into only a few minutes, I am reminded that He is working and preparing me to be used to Open the Eyes of others. 

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