Thursday, March 22, 2012

Here We Go - Newsletter #4

Here We Go!

When I started this journey a little over a year ago, I couldn't have predicted what was going to happen. I still can't. If you haven't been following for a while check out the older Blog posts to catch up on the story. Right now there are some pretty exciting things happening.  Allow me to share a few.

New Plans - Journey Corps

Working with the team at World Venture, we have made plans to participate in a cultural orientation and training program called Journey Corps. It is an amazing program that teaches future missionaries how to integrate into the culture and be able to create impacting relationships.  For more info check out their website here. This is actually a 1 year program, but we have worked it out for me to participate for only the first two months. The plan is for these two months to act as a training for me. It will teach me the skills I will need to navigate through numerous cultures and help me be more effective in my video production.

The program is scheduled to begin in October 2012, so that means I will need to be fully funded and supported by then. Currently, I have 65% of the one time expenses covered and 45% of my monthly budget in financial commitments. There is a ways to go, but I am excited to see how God is going to provide. If you would like to be part of the team by giving, please follow this link to make a commitment or give now.

Going to Guinea

The original plan was to be on the ground in Guinea shooting by April.  With my support level and the plans to participate in Journey Corps, those plans had to change. But here's the cool part. The team of World Venture missionaries in Guinea are so excited for my work and eager to be a part of it that they are going to fly me out to Guinea in April to produce 3 videos for their ministries. I will be working with Nathan & Becky Kendall, Brenda Allen, and David & Billie Blessing. Our aim is to tell the story of how God is working through them and the opportunities He has for others to join in. If you would like to know more about Guinea check out this site.

This means that even though my project won't officially start until after completeing the Journey Corps training I will get to show you what it is all about by actually doing it. This will provide some much needed real world testing of the my project ideas and equipment. Keep a close eye on the blog to watch for updates as they happen and to see the videos when they are finished.

Why Worry?

With only three weeks to go before my first production in Guinea, there is lots to get ready for. Equipment has to be ordered and prepared, visa's secured, scripting done for each shoot, logistics and transportation arranged, vaccinations updated, and all these have to be checked and double checked.  In the midst of all this planning and work, I get overwhelmed and start to worry.  Thank fully God has been giving me daily reminders from scripture about His views on worry and how He is already working out all these things. You can read more of my thoughts on the blog,

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