Monday, December 6, 2010

Blogging: File 13

       I've never Blogged.  I've never read blogs.  The whole genre, or fad as some say, was thoughtlessly tossed in to File 13.
       My high school French teacher, Mr. Johnson, used File 13.  He was old school.  Firm discipline and high expectations.  He never settled for less than a student could give and always encouraged them to push beyond what they saw as their limits.  Think Mr. Feeney from Boy Meets World.  Whenever an office Memo about dress-code or a new policy that had nothing to do with education would arrive, Mr. Johnson would hold them up and praise their historical import, their lasting impact on his life, how they would change our lives forever.  There was only one place to preserve such important documentation, File 13.  With great ceremony, he would take the hallowed document tear it into tiny pieces and violently throw it into File 13, the garbage can.
        Blogs belong in File 13.  They're just a waste of other peoples time.  No added value to life.  Most of the ones I've seen are emotional vomit, a fit of ranting in which the author heaves up the thoughts of their mind, like so much bile.
        Or so I thought.  I was recently challenged to start blogging as a means of sharing my discoveries with others, a chance to steer them to content that could affect them for the better.  First I apologize to all of those blogs and bloggers that I carelessly tossed into File 13.  Secondly, I seek to make a amends by creating this blog as a means of pointing people to content such as yours.  So if anyone comes across content that they feel is worthwhile leave a comment and I'll do what I can to connect others to you.

        This blog will exist for 3 purposes:
        #1 - To ask difficult questions and anecdotally share attempts at answering them.
        #2 - To share discoveries related to the technical arts and their impact on individuals.
        #3 - To encourage others to thoughtfully engage media in this new era.

       Hopefully if I am able to stick to these three criteria, it will give you a good reason to read me and save me the fate of File 13.

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