Friday, November 7, 2014

Our Story - pt 3


During their time together in Europe, Karena and Drew had come up with the idea of meeting in six months for another grand adventure. The original idea was to road trip with friends to Key West, Fl. But because of work schedules the trip was canceled and their reunion pushed back until February. Secretly, Drew had been dreaming about sailing with Karena and sharing the joy of emerald seas and white sand beaches. So when his parents offered to take him and Karena sailing in Belize they jumped on board. Karena's only hesitation was having to by new swimwear. During their ten days at sea, Drew was continually impressed by how eagerly and excitedly Karena dove into every new activity, including but not limited to: snorkeling, surface diving, navigation, sail trimming, cooking, and eating lion fish.

Working Together

Most couples do not have the opportunity to work side-by-side. Drew and Karena got to do just that for 3 months during the summer of 2014. While working as a camp counselor and videographer respectively, Karena and Drew were able to put into practice many of the ideals they had talked about long distance. In the fast paced, stressful, and exhausting camp environment Drew learned how to support and encourage Karena as she jumped off cliffs, rappelled down waterfalls, and worked outside her comfort zone. Karena was in her element as she was able to listen and care for young teens, helping them push outside their own comfort zones. Drew and Karena were able to make friends together with the other staff members. Some the best parts of that summer where the days between camps eating, hiking, playing games, and making lifelong friends.


On the morning of June 19th, 2014, Drew kept pressing Karena to hurry up so they could get going on their short vacation in Barcelona. Having just arrived the day before and a little
jet lagged, Karena did not feel the same pressure. Trying to appease Drew, she offered to just go without doing her make up. His out of character response of, "No you should go ahead and do it" seemed odd to her but didn't tip her off that this day was special. They picked up a few ingredients for a picnic lunch and agreed to find a nice park to enjoy their meal. They happened upon the beautiful Parc d' Municipal. Each time Karena spotted a place to sit, Drew would object that it was too close to the lawnmower, other tourists, didn't have enough shade, or basically wasn't perfect. Eventually, they found the right spot, and started to unpack their lunch. Drew said he wanted a "feet" picture. So he reached into his bag for his camera. When he brought out the ring box and asked her to marry him, Karena was so shocked she almost forgot to say yes.

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