Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June Newsletter

I'm back in Cote d'Ivoire. It's been a crazy couple of months filled with production, travel, and all sorts of adventures. After 3 months of being “on the road” it's good to return to a familiar place and reconnect with people here.

What Hasn't Happened

The last three months have been a whirlwind of production and travel. Certainly great things have been happening, but it's the events that haven't happened that stand out to me and I'm most thankful for.
I haven't been robbed.
I haven't gotten Malaria.
I haven't been too lost.
I haven't had any equipment fail.
I haven't run out of energy.
I haven't missed any flights.
I haven't been lonely.
I haven't run out of money.
I haven't been worried.
I haven't been injured.
I haven't been discouraged.
I haven't lost heart.
I haven't been attacked by bandits.
I haven't gotten on the wrong bus.
It is easy sometimes to only thank God for the things we see Him giving us, but I'm learning that He is present also in the things which don't happen. There are thousands more things that haven't happened to me, that I am thankful for. 

Restored, Refreshed, Refilled

This past month I got the opportunity to return to the US and participate with in my friend Stephens wedding. Knowing that I was going to be back in the states for this event, I planned extra time to visit friends and family. Over the course of three weeks, I traveled over 5000 miles not including the trip to and from Africa. And yet, I am amazed at God's grace to give me exactly what I needed through this trip. You can read more about how god Restored, Refreshed, and Refilled me over on the blog or go to my Instagram to check out pictures from the trip.

Looking Ahead

For the month of June, I'll be staying here in Cote d'Ivoire. During that time I'm going to be editing many of the videos shot in the past months as well as shooting 3 new productions. There just doesn't seem to be enough time. And yet I continue to finish projects on time and share stories.
The summer months don't let up on the schedule. In July, I'll be traveling to Europe to again work with a leadership training camp. The camps take place in Spain, Switzerland, and Austria offering leadership formation to teens from around the world. I've been working with this organization for 5 years now and always look forward to seeing those people again and catching up each year.

I can't overemphasize how important you are to this project. Knowing that you are part of this project keeps me motivated and encouraged to continue working hard to tell these stories. Thank you.
Your Fellow Servant,

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