Monday, January 28, 2013

Where I Am At

Where I Am At - 2012 from Drew Hayes on Vimeo.

I take pictures of my feet. Yes, I know that is a little weird and most people ask the question, "Why?"
    As a way of remembering where I've been and the things I've seen, it's silly. I've always got a camera with me and take amazing pictures that capture these locations and events better.  Why would I want to ruin beautiful scenery by putting my stinking feet in the middle of the frame. Thankfully scratch and sniff photos haven't caught on. No, reminiscence isn't the purpose of these photos.
   Some might suggest a more spiritual sense. "Where I Am" spiritually, marking the events and places of spiritual transformation. All you have to do is look at some of the photos to know that this explanation doesn't quite hit the mark.
   The answer is far simpler that all that. The pictures are exactly, "Where I Am At." Not what I'm seeing, not where I am going or have been, but at any given moment I can look down at my feet and see exactly where I am. If I lift my head and look forward, I see where I am going. To turn around is to see where I have come from. But to see what is happening now, right here, that is the purpose of these images.  Not to remember but to be present, to be set on my feet in this moment. Each picture reveals that this immediate place where God has placed me is fascinating, intriguing, and worth seeing.
    That's Where I Am At. Where are you?

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